The Adriatic in Partnership with Telekom Slovenija

Telekom Slovenije Includes the Principles of Sustainability in Its Operations, Products, Services and Content

August 2022 Sustainability

Telekom Slovenije connects its users through a range of the most advanced ICT services and solutions. As the leading Slovenian provider of communication solutions, it continuously strives for the development and introduction of new innovative technologies. The Company continuously develops new services and solutions, has the best and most expansive network, and the most advanced technology, while it also ensures the best user experience and security. These are the foundations on which we are co-creating our common future, which will be largely based on the sustainable principles of operations.

Telekom Slovenije understands sustainable operations as the responsible management of the economic-governance, social and environmental impacts of its operations. The principles of sustainability are included in the Company’s operations, products, services and content to the greatest extent possible. The Company believes in simple and secure solutions, and acts prudently and responsibly in its everyday work to achieve that end, with the knowledge that it generates benefits with ICT. Benefits for the Company. Benefits for employees. Benefits for shareholders. Benefits for society. Benefits for the environment. Benefits for all stakeholders.

From all aspects of sustainability, the Company has set measurable objectives that include the provision of the most advanced technologies to the population, the treatment of employees with care, a responsible answer to events in the social environment and concern for energy efficiency. More than ten years ago, we aligned our sustainability reporting with the requirements set out in the GRI standards. Compliance is verified every year by external institutes.

To that end, special attention is given to concern for employees, as the Company is aware that satisfied employees are crucial to successful operations. The Company creates a stimulating and pleasant work environment, open to innovation and cooperation. Telekom Slovenije provides for continuous employee training and education in various areas, and introduces innovative approaches for empowering employees. The Company is active in the areas of health and the prevention of burnout, and upgrades employee remuneration and motivation systems. It dedicates special attention to young families, facilitates flexible working hours to simplify the balancing of work and personal obligations, and organises numerous activities to strengthen the employer brand and organisational culture in the direction of mutual cooperation. Telekom Slovenije’s success in this regard is confirmed by receipt of the prestigious international Top Employer certificate for 2022 awarded by the Top Employers Institute. That certificate represents an international professional standard in the area of recognising excellence in the practices that companies implement for their employees. Companies that receive the title of Top Employer are considered the most desirable employers and demonstrate their commitment to create the best possible work environment through excellent HR practices and employee development programmes.

Telekom Slovenije is also the holder of the full Family-Friendly Company Certificate and the Socially Responsible Employer Certificate, and ranks among the ten most reputable employers in Slovenia.

Last but not least: Telekom Slovenije is the owner of Soline, which manages the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, where the past and present still go hand in hand. Traditional manual salt harvesting, based on 700 years of tradition, is not just a special feature of the cultural heritage of Mediterranean Slovenia, but also provides the conditions for preserving the most important natural heritage of the Sečovlje saltpans. Important objectives include the protection of nature, the preservation of extraordinary natural and cultural values, the protection of indigenous, rare and endangered flora and fauna, natural ecosystems and the features of inanimate nature, and the preservation of and care for the cultural landscape. All activities are focused on ensuring compliant and sustainable development.


How can organisations contribute proactively to carbon neutrality?

In September 2022, the Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) is planning  a NET-0 EVENT business forum. It will focus on the most crucial issue of our times –  climate change. We will discuss ways in which both companies and individuals can mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The purpose of the event is to bring together key representatives from companies, politics, NGOs, and international agencies, together with  innovators of breakthrough solutions and the financial community in a combined effort to try and find solutions to this serious and impending crisis. 

Only by working together, can we succeed.

All relevant stakeholders agree that carbon neutrality and net-zero emissions are our key goals for the future. However, sectoral strategies vary, and seldom address the whole problem by failure to adequately align supply chains to their stategy, and by omitting to include the problems of transition – both of which are significant challenges. Therefore, we will aim to highlight these issues, through a series of articles from different platforms, prior to the business forum. Our obective is to equip readers with access to new ideas, good practice and integrated processes that are environmentally responsible and proactive in their quest for a positive future with net-zero emissions by 2050.