The Adriatic in Partnership with the Joint Municipal Administration of Maribor - Environmental Protection Service

Have You Already Seen the Interactive Map of Maribor – Environment and Health?

August 2022 Sustainability

In 2021, the Joint Environmental Protection Service of the Maribor Joint Municipal Administration, the originator and leader of the project, in cooperation with the National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food, the Geological Survey of Slovenia and the National Institute of Public Health, have developed an interactive online map called  "Maribor - Environment and Health". The map allows citizens to access up-to-date data on the state of the environment in the municipality and its wider surroundings. The map also includes data on the health of the population in the area.

How it Works?

The website is user-friendly and visitors can easily find the information they are interested in on the map. They can access general information about the quality of water, air or soil on a scale ranging from  – Good,  Borderline, Warning to Bad – at any location on the map, as well as providing the specific values registered on the day of sampling, by simply clicking on the icon for water, air or soil. The user who requires more in-depth information can get an additional explanation of the data by clicking on the “i” mark.

In the future, we plan to upgrade the system with online and mobile user interfaces, to make the information accessible to users of all digital devices. The data and the developed indicators can be easily transferred to other platforms simultaneously, namely – mobile applications, other websites, digital billboards and various other information systems.

We will continue to upgrade the content of the system, which means that we will be able to include other parameters or indicators that relate to the state of the environment, as well as data on the state of health in the municipality. The content upgrade will be dependent on the environmental and health data available and will be on display to the general public.

We Collect Initiatives and Comments From the Public

We also want the participation of the general public in the design of the upgrades. Citizens can send their suggestions and comments to the e-mail address, with the note “Maribor – environment and health”.

We will study the received initiatives and comments and meaningfully include them in the map with the aim of bringing it as close as possible to citizens and making its contents as useful, comprehensible, interesting and user-friendly as possible.

We expect that the system will significantly contribute to a higher level of citizens’ awareness of the state of the environment they live in and its impact on health.

The interactive map is available HERE.

WALK THE TALK: THE FIRST REGIONAL NET-0 EVENTHow can organisations contribute proactively to carbon neutrality?

In September 2022, the Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) is planning  a NET-0 EVENT business forum. It will focus on the most crucial issue of our times –  climate change. We will discuss ways in which both companies and individuals can mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The purpose of the event is to bring together key representatives from companies, politics, NGOs, and international agencies, together with  innovators of breakthrough solutions and the financial community in a combined effort to try and find solutions to this serious and impending crisis. 

Only by working together, can we succeed.

All relevant stakeholders agree that carbon neutrality and net-zero emissions are our key goals for the future. However, sectoral strategies vary, and seldom address the whole problem by failure to adequately align supply chains to their stategy, and by omitting to include the problems of transition – both of which are significant challenges. Therefore, we will aim to highlight these issues, through a series of articles from different platforms, prior to the business forum. Our obective is to equip readers with access to new ideas, good practice and integrated processes that are environmentally responsible and proactive in their quest for a positive future with net-zero emissions by 2050.