Visit the Old Monastery and Slide Into “Heavenly Hell” in Blueberry Town

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The Adriatic Staff

Cover photo: Jure Korber

Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra, not far from the highway heading towards the sea, is a great place to relax in a beautiful scenery while strolling around the museum and its numerous sections and exhibitions. Not far from the museum you can find yourself in an idyllic Slovenian countryside and visit gorge Hell with five impressive waterfalls.

A place where technical heritage and nature tell many great stories

Are you curious about where you can see Tito’s cars, a blacksmith’s workshop and a world champion bear all at once? Visit the largest national museum, the Technical Museum of Slovenia, where something interesting happens every Sunday.

Photo: Jaka Blasutto

The Technical Museum of Slovenia is the principal national museum dedicated to the preservation of the technical cultural heritage. In the idyllic surroundings of a former Carthusian monastery, only 20 kilometres from Ljubljana heading towards the coast, you will absolutely be captivated by Tito’s automobiles, an extensive collection of bicycles, printing and sewing machines, a veneer sawmill, a traction engine, a blacksmith’s workshop, a bear that became the world champion in 1973, an exhibition on a 100 year old history of motoring in Slovenia – and a great deal more that’s worth visiting and exploring.

Photo authors: Jaka Blasutto, Blaž Zupančič, Jure Korber, Ursula Osojnik

On Sundays, workshops for children, guided theme tours, Nikola Tesla experiments, demonstrations of old crafts and a series of other activities allow young and adult visitors alike to truly feel the engineering spirit of the past.

This season, the museum is highlighting the occasional exhibition Technique for Sport, at which will include 60 Slovenian manufacturers of sports equipment for land, water and air sports. In mid-October, the museum will open the exhibition Man and Food: In a Vicious Circle, that will be dedicated to historical and technological development, innovation in food production and food preparation and consumption. It will also focus on today’s attitudes towards food and the importance of the circular economy.

Get to know Slovenian countryside

Only 15 minutes from the Museum, in between the hills, lies a small valley and a small town called Borovnica (translating Blueberry).

At the very end of the valley, you can find five waterfalls in “Soteska Pekel” (Gorge Hell). During the summertime this is a great place to cool down, while in the winter you can admire the mighty frozen waterfalls.

On the way to the gorge, you will find a small farm Kmetija Bizjak (Bizjak Farm) that offers home-grown products under the brand Pred Peklom (Before the Hell).

The owners are passionate about healthy lifestyle and they offer a variety of home grown products. They grow vegetables according to the biodynamic method, using bio-dynamic preparations instead of pesticides. Hen eggs are available throughout the year. There is also a picnic place at the farm on a somewhat secluded green clearing.

Bizjak Farm’s unique picnic place has everything you need for a day well spent – outdoor grill, peaceful stream, shade in the shelter of the forest.

You can organize your special event under the traditional Slovenian hayrack which can accommodate up to 80 people. While children play on the playgrounds, you can enjoy a game of bowling or football. Other luxuries include a barbecue, refrigerator, fireplace, as well as running water, electricity, and brand-new toilets.

And, of course, home-grown seasonal vegetables!

Write your own hellish holiday story

A wooden log cabin has recently grown in the farm’s immediate vicinity. With its fairytale interior and exterior, it represents a real escape from reality. The wooden construction provides a cozy and warm atmosphere. The upper floor offers accommodation for up to 7 people, while the lower floor has a large common area with kitchen, living room with a fireplace, bathroom, and toilets. A special feature of the log cabin is the large panoramic door, which further opens the space. It leads to the spacious and green terrace, with a barbecue, alongside the calm stream.

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