Novak Djoković – The Biggest Sporting Name in the Region

August 2021 Living

Aljoša Žvirc


Sports industry has always been one of the most developed branches of the regional economy.
Brands fight for signatures of biggest sportspersons, depending on their reach.

The Adriatic region has become a hatchery of golden eggs in terms of sporting successes, and it is showing in the global adulation of stars like the Serbian tennis player Novak Djoković, one of the best tennis players in history, and arguably one of the best sportsmen of the century in global sports. He is one of the most endorsed champions as well, outgrowing the local market already early in his career.

According to Forbes, the 33-year-old earned almost EUR 27m in sponsorships in 2019, ranked 68th amongst all celebrities, including movie and music stars. His total earnings were estimated at around EUR 38m, while his net worth is estimated somewhere in the region of EUR 200m. Amongst others, he is endorsed by Asics, Head, Lacoste, NetJets, Peugeot, Seiko Watches, and Ultimate software group. He has always stayed loyal to the Serbian public. This past year, he and his wife pledged EUR 1m to buy medical equipment to fight the pandemic.

Djoković has several other philanthropic interests in his native country through his foundation (which has, according to its webpage, already helped 45 school adaptations, supported 4,500 parents, trained 1600 teachers, and helped more than 30,000 children with education and other needs). Global stardom usually comes with social responsibility and dealing with this part of life is almost as important as sporting success, which in Djoković’s case is abundant.

Photo: Ciril Jazbec/Triglav


The Triglav Group has traditionally been associated with sports. “We strive to enter partnerships by co-creating their long-term validity. We place great emphasis on the development of childrens’ and youth sports at the local level, and thus help develop the environment in which we operate,” says David Benedek, a member of the Management Board of the Triglav Group. The group supports top athletes and clubs and so contributes to the development of sports at the highest (international) level. Benedek stresses: “We are also a loyal partner to some national sports organizations, international events, development programs…

One example is the Ski Association of Slovenia. For over 30 years, we have enabled young people from all over Slovenia to attend ski jumps in Planica, we have sponsored the tennis tournament in Umag, which is considered the oldest sporting event in Croatia and the most important tennis tournament in the region, as well as sponsored the Serbian Basketball Association and handball clubs in Montenegro and Europe, to name a few.”


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