Green is the New Black

October 2023 Sustainability, Living

Alenka Žvikart


The Green Capital. The Heart of Slovenia. A city that might sleep but never fails to recycle. In other words, Ljubljana. Ljubljana has ranked among one of the most sustainable cities in Europe and, on multiple occasions, earned the glamorous first place. And now the city is working hard to achieve a new goal: to be dressed to the nines – sustainably.

Fierce competitor

European capitals have always been prone to competing with one another – and sustainability is no exception. Ljubljana might be a small but fierce competitor. A green gem surrounded by nearby mountains, luscious greenery, drinkable water, 200 kilometres of cycling avenues, sophisticated architecture and a variety of eco-friendly shops is destined for success. Only one stroll through the city centre catches the eye of those with a passion for fashion and compassion for our planet. Second-hand stores are located on practically every corner, while the locals are not afraid to show off their vintage looks whilst strutting down the city’s many green carpets.

The Green Timeline

Ljubljana has become somewhat of a trendsetter when it comes to sustainability. In 2008, the city became the first capital to have an entirely car-free centre. In 2016, it was adorned with the title of the European Green Capital, given by the European Commission. In 2022, European Best Destinations and the distinguished Forbes magazine ranked Ljubljana first among Europe’s 20 Best Green Capitals.

Sustanable fashionistas

Ljubljana has already made unprecedented strides in eco-conscious urban development and commerce. But the domain currently experiencing rapid growth and innovation is sustainable fashion. With a growing customer base, many local and foreign businesses have begun to thrive. From second-hand shops to designer stores, they all have a common goal: fair trade and eco-friendly products. Original stores like Luci Clothing, Janja Videc, Nika Ravnik produce handmade and organic products for women that counteract fast fashion. Find the entire list of designers at this link.