Centre Rog: An Urban Renaissance

October 2023 Living


Photos by: Centre Rog

On the 26 October, at the far end of the Petkovškovo embankment in Ljubljana, where reverberations of the city's historic Trubar street meld with the contemporary urban scene, the iconic Centre Rog has opened its doors once more - a reincarnation that holds the promise of a creative renaissance. Amidst a global era of digitalisation and increasingly superficial interactions, it emerges as a haven for tangible craftsmanship and genuine human connection.

The centre, encapsulated in sturdy yet charming industrial aesthetics, is more than a building; it’s a living testament to Ljubljana’s artistic spirit and its pursuit of enabling a community-centrered workshop for its inhabitants. At the core of this urban oasis will be a collection of nine labs , each serving to fulfill the needs of students from the various faculties of the University of Ljubljana and the creative endeavours of the public, helping shape ideas into reality. Whether it’s metalworking, ceramics, textiles, or 3D printing and laser workshops, there’s a niche for every craftsman that allows their imagination to roam.

Its philosophy of ‘do-it-yourself’ extends an invitation to students, the unemployed, retirees, and asylum seekers, amongst others. With a membership fee as nominal as €15, or €10 for the aforementioned groups, the centre will ensure that the tools and space for creation are within reach for all. Members have the liberty to choose from three different user packages, each tailored for a person’s needs and capacities.

Like in the past, the present iteration of Rog endeavours to foster a diverse community where entrepreneurial and artistic visions meld together. The boutique in the ground floor will offer a variety of items for sale, handcrafted by the centre’s users.

Ascend through the connecting glass foyer, the first floor will house a library with 20,000 units of to choose from. Yet, it’s the specialized collection focusing on design, architecture, and other applied arts that sets it apart, not forgetting a children’s corner dedicated to the little ones.

Rog is a place where the day starts with the noise and whirr of machinery and ends with hearty laughter echoing through the halls. The centre’s restaurants and cafe aren’t just a place to satiate hunger, but a hub where ideas are exchanged over steaming cups of coffee and where the city’s denizens come together to celebrate the joy of making.