The Adriatic: Strategic Foresight 2022

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January 2022 Living

Dark clouds are gathering on the horizon.


Waters are already rising.


But unlike the biblical flood story, there is no Noah in sight (nor Noa, for that matter, since it would be foolish to search for solutions within one half of humanity only).


He or she might have been assassinated, or merely character-assassinated on Twitter, that is, cancelled. Alternatively, his or her project might have failed to take off on GoFundMe. Instead, there is plenty of disagreement among safe-styled saviours. It is a conflict of vision.


Disagreements are raging about style when they ought to have dealt with substance. Debates are being re-opened again and again while they should have been settled a long time ago. Will 2022 finally bring agreement on the blueprint?

The front page illustration was created by Ciril Horjak


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