Triglav Welcomes the Digitally Talented

February 2023 Business


Triglav’s customers are getting more and more excited about their new digital insurance services. This is a great achievement for Triglav’s teams of digital experts who teams consist of the most highly sought after IT people on the labour market. The recruitment team at the Triglav Group have listened to the goals and expectations of the high calibre staff and have managed to attract many of them to Triglav through understanding and meeting their needs, as well as through Triglav’s excellent reputation as a reliable, secure and flexible employer.

Digital experts are a vital part of the Triglav Group’s key business areas, with their combined knowledge and competences in insurance and IT. In order to excel in the digital environment, Triglav need to attract highly skilled staff, the crème de la crème, and that is a significant challenge! Therefore, a focused and targeted approach to the recruitment of digital talent is very important. At Triglav, they have analysed what high calibre employees are looking for in terms of salary, and what they want to achieve once they are hired.

“Judging by some of the interviews we’ve done recently, the introduction of the option to work from home was the biggest step we’ve taken towards meeting the needs of new talent, and this is often their first question. Employer reliability and job security as well as good work and employment conditions are also key requirements.Many candidates come from smaller companies where they are often troubleshooters and all rounders, so many applicants really appreciate the opportunity for the focused professional development and training that we can offer them at Triglav.” says Alenka Bešter, Director of Digital Marketing and Content Management at Zavarovalnica Triglav, highlighting some of the advantages of working for the Triglav Group.

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Her recruitment strategy is confirmed by Triglav’s staff and their achievements. Perspective, financial stability and Triglav’s success were among the reasons why Lucija Vermezović, Specialised Sales Channel Coordinator, decided to join Triglav Osiguranje, Belgrade. She says that job security, respect for traditional values and a focus on personal development, all in accordance with European Union standards are her most important criteria for joining a company. The outstanding business performance of the Triglav Group also convinced Mark Prelec, Digital Business and Customer Experience Associate at the Zavarovalnica Triglav, to join the company. The opportunity to co-create the digital future of the largest insurance company in the Adria region was the main reason that he chose to join Triglav.

Triglav want to stay ahead of the curve by taking a more focused and strategic approach to recruitment while also developing their employees to their full potential by providing them with the right opportunities to develop and progress their career. The Triglav Group offers employees a large number of benefits including the use of the most modern technology, flexible options to work from home, a creative and dynamic working environment, stability, and a highly reputable, family-friendly company with a good work- life balance, as well as on the job mentoring, continued professional education, and a great experience.


This article was originally published in The Adriatic Journal: Strategic Foresight 2023.
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