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Cooperation Leads to More Resilience and Economic Strength

January 2022 Business, Geopolitics, Living

The Adriatic team

"Integration: The Road to a Sustainable Economy" was the focus of this years’ annual forum organised by the Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR). Traditionally taking place in January, the event sees important decision-makers present their views on the economic and wider social challenges for the next twelve months ahead, both in Slovenia and the wider region. The 2022 edition explored the opportunities for Western Balkans countries to strengthen their economic cohesion and integrate into European connections.

“If it wasn’t for the EU, the fight against covid-19 would have been much harder. We found it easier to get funds, vaccines, and other help, to fight the epidemic. Therefore, it is also in the strategic interest of the Western Balkans countries to be connected to the EU. At the same time, it also is an opportunity for the Slovenian economy, which participates in the implementation of development projects in this region and thus grows,” remarked Anže Logar, Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in his keynote address to ISR’s 2022 forum.

Anže Logar, Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs

After the pandemic had forced ISR to go fully digital in 2021, the 2022 event successfully reverted to the in-person format, enabled by high health standards at the venue and on-site testing. The event also saw the launch of this year’s edition of The Adriatic: Strategic Foresight. It is packed with up-to-date content on geopolitics, the economy, sustainability, and new business models, offering useful and useful reading to decision-makers in the Western Balkans.

“The year 2021 only further strengthened the realization that we can overcome the pandemic situation only through close cooperation, both economically and at the level of society at large, and with trust in institutions. This is the only way that reliably leads to economic recovery and prosperity. If we focus on the Western Balkans, integration, cooperation and closer integration into European connections are steps without which the region cannot grow and strengthen,” remarked Tine Kračun, ISR’s Director and Editor-in-Chief of The Adriatic. He highlighted how sustainability, which the EU had identified as the heart of its future development, was also one of the emerging challenges to regional integration.


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