Mobility 2022

The Better the Infrastructure, the Better the Smart Solutions

June 2022 Business

Jan Tomše


Jure Eržen


In Ljubljana, on the 15th of June, 2022, a business conference entitled 'Mobility 2022: Smart Spaces for Living' was held by The Delo Media House in partnership with the Institute for Strategic Solutions.


The event focused on solutions for both the individual and the community, as well as for business operations in the smart spaces of the future. One of the highlights of the discussion was 'How can we design smarter, greener cities using technological solutions, while systematically raising public awareness of the necessity for environmentally friendly methodology. It is worth simulating the best solutions of key cities that are already contributing to sustainable goals'.

According to the speakers, one of the biggest challenges facing the introduction of smart solutions is infrastructure – the better it is, the more innovative the solutions which can be found. In future, more attention will be paid to urban transport platforms, which can then be further enhanced. In order to promote micromobility in Slovenia, we need a standardised and sophisticated application that can offer mobile solutions in real-time, and thus provide quality route planning.

The introduction to the business conference in the Crystal Palace, Ljubljana was that sustainability in cities will become increasingly prevalent in the future. Thirty million electric vehicles will be on the market by 2030, and five years later there should be no more internal combustion cars on the road. Stojan Petrič, Director of the Delo Media House, concluded with a proposed multi-month campaign on mobility and smart living spaces. According to the Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, smart living space is associated with sustainability, without which it is not possible to imagine and create a successful, individual and community-friendly future, and he believes that Ljubljana is now heading towards a self-sufficient city.