Digital Transformation

Shaping the future of digital leadership

November 2023 Business

By Maja Dragovic

In a momentous development set to revolutionise the fields of digital leadership and artificial intelligence (AI), the Bled Institute for Leadership in Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence (BILDAI) has officially been established. This endeavor is the result of a strategic alliance between IEDC - School of Business Bled and Roche Slovenia, promising significant advancements in technology and leadership.

Prof. Danica Purg, the director of IEDC – School of Business Bled, and Eva McLellan, the general manager of Roche Slovenia, both emphasized the tremendous potential that lies ahead by combining their resources, expertise, and knowledge.

“We are extremely excited about collaborating with Roche Slovenia. We believe that by combining our joint efforts, expertise, and knowledge, we can truly deepen and strengthen the understanding of digital transformation and artificial intelligence on a global level,” said Prof. Purg, underlining the significance of the partnership.

“This is an important moment for IEDC, Roche Slovenia, and the entire community engaged in digital transformation and artificial intelligence.”

Ready for AI

Eva McLellan is convinced that Slovenia, with its knowledge, is just the right size for pilot projects related to leadership, artificial intelligence, and digitalization. She highlighted Roche’s competence in this area: in 2023, it was recognised as the best pharmaceutical company in terms of readiness for artificial intelligence. “Our social responsibility is to contribute with our knowledge in areas where we are experts and leaders. Therefore, we invest in building data infrastructure and in the development of leaders who are qualified to face challenges related to artificial intelligence,” she emphasized and stressed the role of ethics and integrity in leaders. Without these, there is no public trust, and without trust, there is no business, she stressed. IEDC is built on these values, and in Roche, they see an opportunity for Slovenia to become an efficient international hub for artificial intelligence.

This collaboration is expected to deepen and strengthen the understanding of digital transformation and artificial intelligence on a global scale. BILDAI is not just a theoretical concept; it is set to become a central hub for research, education, and innovation in the field of digitalization and artificial intelligence. Its long-term goals encompass the development and design of new educational programs and research projects. Among these initiatives is the creation of a cutting-edge MBA program, “Management of Science and Technologies.”

Additionally, BILDAI will host an annual conference and various symposiums, providing a platform for experts to share their insights and advancements.

Key pillar

The institute will operate in many areas, with healthcare being one of the key pillars. Healthcare has a strong synergistic effect that goes beyond its primary function, as it lays a solid foundation for the advancement and well-being of society as a whole. It acts as a catalyst for the progress of not only physical health but also the social, economic, and educational structures of society.

“In its work, Roche focuses on advancing science to improve people’s lives. As the needs in healthcare systems increase and become more complex, we are aware of the role that artificial intelligence will play in addressing modern challenges. At Roche, we believe that with such strategic partnerships and co-creation, we can provide significantly greater value to society. However, as digitalization requires a profound shift in mindset and a readiness for continuous learning and experimentation, the new institute will also focus on leadership in digitalization,” emphasized McLellan.

Digitalization demands a fundamental shift in mindset and a readiness for continuous learning and experimentation. BILDAI aims to address this by focusing on leadership in digitalization, preparing individuals and organizations to thrive in the digital era.

In the next steps, BILDAI institute will establish its governing bodies and forge partnerships with numerous companies, government entities, and private organizations. This collaborative effort will serve as a cornerstone for driving advancements in digital transformation and artificial intelligence in Slovenia and beyond.