Serbia and Slovenia: With the Talents of the Future for a Competitive Region

The Adriatic Team

We present to you the e-booklet, which was made as part of our project "Serbia and Slovenia: With the Talents of the Future for a Competitive Region", together with the event we held in Belgrade at the end of May.

“The Balkan countries are witnessing a remarkable increase in financial exchange, revealing the growing economic collaboration in the region. However, the sustainability of this deepening economic connection heavily relies on the availability of talented and capable workforce that can drive productivity, innovation, and growth,” says Maja Dragović, from our editorial team.

Exploring the ways in which digital technologies are changing the field of human resources (HR) was the main focus of our project. We aimed to identify best practices for leveraging these technologies and consequently improving results. Professionals from the region gathered at a conference in Belgrade, where experts from the fields of human resources, education, economy, and technology highlighted trends and plans for implementing digital strategies that can increase employee engagement, productivity, and business results.

We express our gratitude to our partners for their collaboration and successful completion of the project.

The final product is an e-booklet, which we present to you HERE. We wish you a pleasant reading.