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Revolutionizing transportation infrastructure: How DARS d.d. is driving economic growth through digitalisation

March 2023 Business

Tinkara Vizovišek


Digitalisation is a crucial catalyst for a country's economic development as it enables a more efficient and effective use of resources, increases productivity and promotes innovation and creativity. Generally speaking it allows businesses to automate their processes, reduce the need for manual labour and increase efficiency and productivity. This can lead to cost savings, which can be reinvested in other areas of the business. By providing new tools and technologies, digitalisation can also lead to the development of new products and services that meet the changing needs of consumers.

Slovenian company DARS d.d. has walked through a very dynamic and diverse path. “Connecting Slovenia” is the slogan the company chose many years ago and it’s still as relevant today! DARS not only expresses the integration of Slovenia in terms of the construction of the highway system but also connects the past with the present and navigates the direction of the future. Digitalisation plays a critical role in improving the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of building, managing, and maintaining motorways and expressways. And DARS d.d. can be considered as one of the crucial co-creators of Slovenian’s economy, especially in terms of the development of transportation infrastructure. By providing efficient and effective digital solutions, the company helps improve the productivity, safety, and sustainability of the transportation network, which can in turn drive economic growth and development. Motorways and expressways are key components of the transportation network, and efficient management and maintenance of these assets as well as stimulating innovation are essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of the economy.

Photo: DARS

Which projects shape the future of the Slovenian highway system?

C-Roads Slovenia

C-Roads introduces cooperative intelligent transport systems for the transfer of information in the present time. These systems are based on infrastructure-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communications. C-Roads are primarily intended to increase traffic safety, improve mobility and reduce harmful emissions and have a direct impact on society. Due to the quick detection of irregularities on the road such as traffic accidents, animals on the road, irregular driving, etc., drivers can get the necessary information faster than before. With the help of the PROMET+ application, which directly transmits what is happening on the road, drivers are immediately aware of what is happening and thus ensure the safe behavior of other road users.

Currently, the C-Roads system is set up on the Postojna-Divača highway and can be used by anyone equipped with the necessary technology. The plan is to equip the entire highway infrastructure in Slovenia with the technology.

Building information modeling (BIM)

Digitalisation supports projects in all phases of the life cycle of the instrastructure – from the beginning of the design to the subsequent maintenance and management of the infrastructure. One of the first such projects is the second tube of the Karavanke tunnel, which is being built using BIM (Building information modeling) digital technology. The simulator detects errors in documentation and construction more quickly and easily, thereby reducing the time of the construction process as well as the costs of the project itself.

The simulator is also used in the inspection of highways with the help of drones – especially after natural disasters and the search for possible damage to the roads, as this ensures safe continued use and transportability.

E-vignette and DarsGo

DarsGo is equipped with a device that drivers install on the inside windshield, which is detected by road equipment (cameras) while driving, automatically calculates tolls based on the distance traveled, and thus enables faster traffic flow and a reduction in vehicle consumption.

The e-vignette is intended for all smaller vehicles, with a maximum weight of up to 3.5 tons. In addition to Slovenia, the e-vignette can also be purchased in 9 other countries: Austria, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and the Chech Republic.

Traffic monitoring

The entire highway infrastrucure is built on digital traffic monitoring – sharing information regarding weather conditions, signaling, traffic accidents, etc. and is fully covered by video surveillance and sensors. All changes introduced by DARS are aimed at people and changing the way we think toward a brighter, safer, and greener future.