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NLB Makes a New Contribution to the Region’s Integration

February 2022 Business


NLB connects South East Europe as one of the region's leading banking houses, and now it has added sports to the mix. NLB has become a sponsor of the ABA Basketball League. "We have found a regional partner in the league and the opportunity to confirm our commitment to the development of the region with this sponsorship. Basketball is the team sport that has written the most resonant and inspiring stories in the region," NLB comments on the newly-established partnership.

The NLB Group is joining the ABA League in the 2021/22 season and the cooperation between the two regional players, who are both leaders in sports and banking and financial sector will continue until at least 2025.

By entering this region’s most powerful basketball competition as a sponsor, the NLB Group has also become the general sponsor of the second division competition under the auspices of the ABA League which will from now on be called NLB ABA LEAGUE 2.

“We are more than just another financial group and as an institution of systemic importance we are not only interested in business topics exclusively. We want to create, enhance and connect the region of opportunities operated by the Group in various ways – also through sports. Basketball is a team sport that has written the most popular and inspiring stories in the region, telling us about winning and success, both with the national team and basketball clubs. By sponsoring the ABA League j.t.d., the NLB Group has proved once again that it knows the passion and desires of the region of opportunities, and that it speaks the same language and culture. Consequently, our Group understands and promotes what people in this region cherish. We are members of the same team. And the teamwork, bringing different communities, cultures and languages together to form a rock-solid whole, which is able to seize every opportunity through coordinated action, are the very values of the NLB Group,” said Blaž Brodnjak, CEO of the NLB.

Dubravko Kmetović, director of the ABA League: “On behalf of the ABA League j.t.d., I am happy and honoured to welcome (back) the NLB Group to our joint home of basketball. The NLB Group was with the ABA League j.t.d. at the very beginning, when this whole idea of ​​a regional basketball league came to life, and I am extremely happy to have this renowned banking and financial group again by our side.


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