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Green Credentials, skilled Workforce and Innovative Mindset make Slovenia a desirable Business Destination

February 2023 Business

Špela Bizjak


Slovenia has become one of the most open and export oriented economies in Europe, spanning biotechnology and mobility, home construction and energy. Its myriad of companies offer unique, high-value-added solutions that put Slovenia on the world map and inspire new generations of entrepreneurs to unlock their potential.

Discover Slovenia’s green, creative and smart competitive advantages and seize its favourable working environment for your own business endeavours.


With sustainability at its heart, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Slovenia’s environmental committment plays a fundamental role in its drive to promote green technology, corporate social responsibility and a culture of transparency. One of the companies working towards a greener future is Aquafil. Aquafil produces a groundbreaking nylon alternative derived from waste products such as ghost nets, rugs and carpets. Denis Jahić Managing Director at AquafilSLO, says Slovenia’s green credentials and skilled workforce make the country an obvious choice for the company’s operations.

Many investors are already tapping into Slovenia’s inherent advantages – its natural riches, a favourable geostrategic position, backing from strong research institutions and technology parks, business accelerators and, above all, an informed and motivated population.


Slovenia’s economy is thriving. The country has become an attractive place for investment and cross-border trade, with its highly skilled talent pool undoubtedly constituting the backbone of the country’s business development.

Attributing much of its success to first-rate talent is the heating solutions firm KRONOTERM. Bogdan Kronovšek, the company’s Co-owner and Managing Director, lists an excellent geographical position in Europe, good infrastructure, a quality education system and the government support as what has enabled the heat pump producer to scale to new heights of success. The hard-working, innovative, technically as well as linguistically skilled employees contribute to KRONOTERM’s goal to increase the number of people with access to modern, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heating. The entire region can learn a lot from KRONOTERM, which has been named one of the 19 companies leading Europe’s heating sector out of fossil fuels with their breakthrough heat pump technology.

Dušan Olaj, the Founder and General Manager of Duol, agrees that Slovenia’s talent pool is essential for success: “Slovenia’s focus-oriented and free education system allows companies to choose from a diverse pool of professions and skills. Cooperation between universities and industry allows for a wide range of student grants, supporting the correct level of education of your future employees.” Duol, world-renowned for designing, manufacturing and installing inflatable halls, is one of the many Slovenian companies that push the boundaries and empower other entrepreneurs and corporates alike to take on ambitious projects that require technological know how themselves. Central to supporting entrepreneurship, internationalisation, foreign investment and technology is SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency that remains available for any enquiries your business may have.

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The challenge of providing Europe and the wider world with energy security is as pressing as ever and it is reassuring to know that Slovenia possesses a range of innovative businesses that play a vital role in achieving the green energy transition.

And what makes Slovenia a competitive place to do business? Uroš Salobir, Director of the Strategic Innovation Department at ELES (operator of Slovenia’s electric power transmission network), believes it is the strong support from the government, industry and, in particular, the citizens. »Employees are future-oriented and the culture is characterised by adaptation to change.«

Boris Šajnović, Head of Project Management Office at Iskra – is another Slovenian company working towards green goals within the sustainable transportation sector, and it finds the country »a truly good pilot environment to test and demonstrate innovative projects with the full support of local people, government and positive business climate.« He adds the environment for innovation is supportive, strict intellectual property laws are in place and there is a good network of public agencies that help businesses at every stage of growth.

Between 2019 and 2020, the country’s patent application to the European Patent Office increased by 35% – the third highest in Europe.

Slovenia has 4200 researchers per 1 million people.

Business and investors looking for new opportunities are invited to get in touch with SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency which offers strategic advice and operational support. The Agency provides practical information and advice on various business opportunities such as individual investment locations, Slovenian suppliers, specific industries and markets.

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