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February 2022 Business

The Adriatic in partnership with Telemach

The next-generation of mobile networks brings unprecedented opportunities for development and progress.

What can a 5G mobile network do for its users? This is a question posed by professionals and laypersons alike; it stirs the imagination. The future will provide the exact answer. In the meanwhile, it is already clear that 5G delivers higher speeds, improved responsiveness and more bandwidth.

For consumers, the new generation of mobile technologies represents an evolution. The things they can do on their smart device already, with the help of 5G, will be done faster, more efficiently, and with extended capabilities. But the endless possibilities offered by 5G will be much more felt by businesses. We will see a revolution in machine connectivity with the Internet of Things at the heart of the next-generation mobile network. The significantly higher speeds enabled by 5G will result in minimal latency, which is a very important factor when it comes to communication between different devices, i.e. the Internet of Things (IoT).

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This will drive the development of smart industry, agriculture, and communities as a whole. Together with the Internet of Things, 5G technology can improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive more efficient use of renewable energy. It can help reduce air and water pollution, reduce food waste and protect wildlife and the environment.

As to public safety, 5G brings advantages to firemen and rescue teams, making it easier to fight fires, rescue people from mountains and even locate missing people or pets. It also enables the digitalisation of healthcare services, remote patient treatment and specific complex solutions such as remote diagnostics, remote consultations and remote surgeries. The benefits of 5G will be felt across all aspects of our lives.

The roll-out of 5G in the economy will be gradual. However, in a few years, we can expect an explosion of activity we haven’t seen in a long time.

“5G is, or will be, a powerful driver of digital transformation. It is the first mobile communications system that is not primarily designed for people but is machine-centric. It will revolutionise machine-to-machine connectivity and put Internet of Things at the heart of the nextgeneration mobile network,” says Zoran Vehovar, Chief Technology
Officer at Telemach.


The benefits of 5G will be felt across every aspect of our lives and in Slovenia, Telemach was the first to introduce a gigabit network with a true 5G experience. At the end of 2021, its 5G network is already available in more than 50 major cities across Slovenia and the company is accelerating its roll-out. “We’re building the 5G network aggressively. We want to make the most of the frequencies we have bought atauction, as quickly as possible. We are deploying additional equipment everywhere and have far exceeded our original plans for this year. We’ve accomplished much more than we had planned at the start,” Vehovar adds.

This is helping the company to rebuild its technological foundations, create a competitive advantage and respond to the increasing demand for faster network speeds and bandwidth. 5G speeds can be enjoyed by all Telemach users, as access to 5G networks is included in all bestselling VEČ mobile plans! Trusted by more than 620,000 satisfied customers, Telemach remains the fastest growing mobile provider in Slovenia focused on continuous upgrades and the provision of high-tech, high-quality and stable services.


This article was originally published in The Adriatic: Strategic Foresight 2022
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