Securing the Future

All of Us Are Responsible for Ensuring a More Sustainable Tomorrow

February 2023 Business

In Cooperation with Triglav Group

Under the umbrella of the Securing the Future project, the Triglav Group are stepping up their efforts to help create a sustainable future.

Since the launch of the project in 2022, each month has been dedicated to promoting and achieving one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and, in collaboration with more than 200 partners in the fields of sport, culture, health, prevention and business, to encouraging the general public to act sustainably. “The main message of the project is that we are all responsible for securing a more sustainable, green and just future, and that each of us can do something to make a difference today. There is no need to wait for tomorrow,” said Nina Kelemen, head of sustainable business at the Triglav Group.

Changing the World Through Concrete Action

Triglav is committed to sustainable development in four key areas: insurance and asset management, business processes, a responsible approach to stakeholders and effective corporate governance. With campaigns such as For a Better Tomorrow, Let’s Clean Up Our Mountains, Children of Triglav, Young Hopes, the Triglav Run,Young Hopes and Driving Refresher, as well as the platform and many other projects, the Group are already taking decisive steps towards a better future. With a commitment to sustainable development, they are also creating a stable long-term basis for safe and secure business operations.

“We are promoting digital business, strengthening an awareness of sustainability among our employees, carrying out comprehensive measurements of our carbon footprint, and focusing hard on the energy renovation of our buildings. Our portfolio already includes insurance for claims arising from damage caused by climate change, as well as solar power and micro-mobility insurance. As far as managing our own portfolios is concerned, we are increasing the share of sustainable and green investment classes aimed at financing the green transition. By carrying out systematic measurements, we are able to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, develop our employees’ expertise and competence, implement effective health promotion programmes, and promote multidimensional diversity and intergenerational cooperation,” says Kelemen. In the future they intend to strengthen and restrengthen their contribution to a sustainable, just and green future through a variety of activities and awareness-raising efforts.

Your Promise for a Better Tomorrow

More than 200 partners who have joined the Let’s Secure the Future (Zavarujmo prihodnost) project have already accepted the challenge to become part of the #Zavarujmoprihodnost community. Everyone can commit to at least one activity for each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – one that is close to their heart and that will help them contribute to a sustainable future.

Together with the Disabled Sports Federation of Slovenia (Paralympic Committee), which promotes innovation and the development of (technological) solutions to make involvement in sporting activities easier, the Triglav Group are raising awareness of UN Sustainable Development Goal 9 (Infrastructure, Industrialisation and Innovation) throughout the month of February. Top paracyclist Anej Doplihar reminds us in this video of the importance of providing comprehensive infrastructure and of the need to foster innovation to ensure a better quality of life, greater freedom and more equal integration into in society.

To help and inspire people to find activities that enable everyone to pitch in and play their part in the sustainable transformation process, the website will offer fresh ideas for things we can do as individuals and organisations and that help us to inspire each other, whether it’s cycling instead of driving to work, using digital business approaches, helping out at a local animal shelter or volunteering at a retirement home. #Zavarujmoprihodnost.