How to navigate in 2022

A few Tips and Tricks from Slovenian Executives

February 2022 Business

Jan Tomše


According to projections, 2022 will be a demanding and turbulent business year. In the shadow of the economic growth and inflation uncertainties, the managers will have to decide wisely about the supply chain challenges, lie in wait for the most suitable talents they want to attract, and try to reimagine their business models. Not to mention the challenges that may emerge from the tighter access to funds should the central banks decide to impose stricter monetary policy.

We asked some of Slovenia’s top managers what should managers focus on in 2022 in order to effectively lead their teams and tackle the challenges in the rapidly-changing business environment.

Closely monitor the key areas. Closely monitor the business, decision-making and the social environment to understand the changes and risks and develop various scenarios for the future of your business.

Manage your costs and take care of your supply chains. Control the prices of raw materials and energy sources. Establish secure and reliable supply routes.

Invest even more in digitalization and automation. As these investments may seem incosistent with the premise of cost control, you will capitalize on them in the long term.

Make your business a pleasant place to be. Build work environment that encourages creativity, good relationships, and flexibility.  

Be open-minded, learn constantly. Develop preparedness for the jobs of the future. Promote life-long learning. In the fast-changing times and digitisation, work processes constantly change. The never-ending investing in new knowledge, skills and experience is the prerequisite for preparedness for the jobs of the future.  

Feedback. Try to get it regularly, so you know where to focus your efforts. 

Practice agility. The pandemic era sparked a stream of uncertainties, that demand adaptation and quick decision-making and imposing changes.  

Delegate wisely. You can’t do everything yourself – show your employees that you trust them by delegating accordingly.   

Exercise transparency. Encourage transparency of and in all processes. Be generous to understand each other’s situation and promote usage of kind words. Moreover, sharing positive quotes can help in a significant way.  

Promote change.
At the organizational level. Empower your management and employees to be open to change which helps you adjust your business to the scenarios that will unfold. 

At the personal level. Take care of your emotional well-being and joy of life. 

Focus on motivating people. People are the most challenging part of the business. Work on retaining the existing talents and onboarding the new ones. Motivate them properly, develop seperate motivation strategies for each one of them.  

Encourage solidarity within the team. Solidarity should not be a stranger to business environment. Nurture relationships within the team. Give feedback, celebrate wins. If you criticize, focus on the work, not the person.  

We would like to thank the Slovenian managers who contributed to this advice: 

Petra Juvančič, Executive Director, Združenje Manager – Managers’​ Association of Slovenia
Gorazd Čibej, Managing Director, Insurance Supervision Agency
Karmen Dietner, President of the Management Board, Poklojninska družba A, d.d. Nada Drobne Popovič, President of the Management Board, Petrol d. d.
Andrej Lasič, Executive Director, NLB d. d. 


This article was originally published in The Adriatic: Strategic Foresight 2022. 
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