2022: A year marked by numerous crises

November 2022 Business

Adriatic team

Epidemic, pandemic, energy crisis, health crisis, climate crisis! In the last few years, we have all had to go through changes that have significantly affected our everyday lives. The summation of these changes can be felt most in the economy, in rapidly escalating inflation and price rises in almost everything!

Is there anything we can do about it?

Let’s look at the latest crisis in this sequence of global crises, the energy crisis between Russia and the European Union. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it has! The impact of the energy crisis has deepened the economic and financial insecurity of the European Union countries and has further burdened state coffers causing dramatic changes in governmental priorities all over Europe. If we thought that this was a problem that could be solved quickly without major repercussions, we were delusional. Due to sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia, Russia has stopped supplying gas through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, the predominant gas line for the European Union. It supplied 40% of natural gas to the EU. It has also led to scarcity and rising prices of raw materials, creating a shortage. A large number of European Union countries have begun to take urgent measures to reduce energy consumption, while also searching for alternative sources of gas supply and raw materials. Undoubtedly, difficult times are coming for society, as well as businesses.

However, these times can also create opportunities for new businesses. Why? Because challenging times create new opportunities. Everything from innovations and additional jobs with higher earnings. Through creative and innovative thinking, we can financially help not only corporates but also individuals, by providing additional jobs demonstrating that we are a society-friendly country. Happy workers, happy company, happy country!

But because we live in uncertain times, decision makers need a rudder to manage potential risks. Especially in business, it is difficult to predict the future. Nevertheless, it is expected to predict one. This is precisely why we present you Strategic Navigator.

What is Strategic Navigator?

Strategic Navigator is a tool Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) has created. It is a tool for decision makers to help manage business decisions in uncertain and unpredictable times. It supports strategic decisions necessary for successful navigation in the business field. Both in-depth and quick decisions.

With the help of the strategic navigator, we move the boundaries. The tool combines two key approaches for modern management: Big Data and Data Science. It provides an index of the information and skills required for successful management.

The final document of the strategic navigator consists of different scenarios for strategic decisions, stakeholders and also arguments, and is supplemented with a visual matrix and its qualitative interpretation. Scenarios are the key part on which the strategic navigator stands. Within the scenarios, it is possible to define indicators on the basis of which we can determine which of the scenarios is the one taking place in reality – whether we like the current scenario or not.

The strategic navigator gives a different and complementary view of what is happening in the world itself, which opens up new perspectives and thus a new consideration when making decisions. It offers a unique and fresh perspective for strategic decision-makers, grounded in original methodology and untapped and current data sources. At the same time, it detects intangible knowledge in the company and its mapping into a form suitable for making strategic and operational decisions.

For more information about Strategic Navigator please contact us at info@adriaticjournal.com.